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  • Develop top-quality products at an affordable price.
  • To build a strong fresh personal brand.
  • Expansion of our range in the makeup industry.
  • We aim to please our customers with excellent service.




  • Top quality and value for money
  • Proudly SA
  • Vegan
  • Women empowerment



About Us

Our journey started when we saw the essential opportunity in the South African make-up industry for make-up kits in all academies.

We are five passionate women all from different industries taking hands and having the same dream to work together and to grow and evolve SMINK into a top modern make-up brand. We want our brand to be UNIQUE, FRESH and
AUTHENTIC and our main focus is to develop high-quality products at an affordable price for all women of all ages and all skin tones that would enhance their lives.

What is very important is to us, we are a proudly South African brand. We want our customers to know that we are 100% local and committed to quality and service. We stand for a product that is cruelty-free and Vegan.

We believe that all women should shine to their own style and with SMINK you will shine to your style. We are all unique with different needs when it comes to beauty desires and that is what SMINK is about a brand with a diversity in products that caters for all skin tones and skin types and a product that is

Brenda Thambe

Brenda Thambe

Product Developer

Our Business Developer is Brenda Thambe (Neé Botha) she is the heart and soul of our business and we are super proud to have this powerhouse lady leading our team.

Brenda has been in the skincare and make-up industry for over 20 years. She is going to drive all SMINK Sales, Make-up Exports and SMINK Beauty Schools and is our Product Developer.

Elaine Boshoff

Elaine Boshoff

Logistic Manager

Elaine brings a FRESH approach to the SMINK team she is a big team player, she is our Logistic Manager and is going to drive all SALES in the JHB area.

Elaine is also part of the Development team that works on our NEW Range.

Petrie Ehlers

Petrie Ehlers


Petri has got so much talent and a beautiful soul that gives SMINK a whole new FRESH MODERN look and FEEL. 

She is our SMINK photographer and
doing what she loves most creating content and our own Graphic Designer for Smink.

Karien Greeff

Karien Greeff

Brand Manager

Karien is an INSPIRATION and such a creative soul in our brand she is our Brand Manager and also doing our Social Media and POS. Taking SMINK to the next level with all her visions and ideas.

“Shine to your style.”

“Bringing creativity to your beauty, art & lifestyle.”

“Every New Season of our lives requires a new version of us to bloom. This is a growing season, of change.”

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076 896 4193

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