This article will take a look at the easiest ways to transform from a corporate office look, to glamourous night-look. This is perfect for those of you who need to go directly from your desk to the office party.

Day To Night with Makeup Cases tip1- The easiest outfit to transform from Day To Night is, of course, the LBD. Put it on the morning for work, and pack a separate bag with some accessories, a change of shoes, hair products, and your make-up bag. The easiest way to change up your look is a pair of bold earrings or a statement necklace. A bold ring, cuff or stack of bracelets will also make a statement.. Don’t you just wish you could take your Makeup Artist with you everywhere? Day To Night with Makeup Cases tip2- If you use a hair straightener or curler often, invest in a mini straightener or curling iron which you can keep at work, or take with you when travelling. Use them to either tame fly a ways, or refine your curls in just a few minutes. Add some hair spray or gel, and voila! Opting for a hat? Preserve your hair’s volume by tossing your hair in the opposite direction of your normal part before putting on your hat.

Day To Night with Makeup Cases tip3- When it comes to your face, start by adding a light moisturiser to rehydrate your skin. If you feel the need, touch up your foundation and concealer. Add drama to your eye makeup by adding a darker eyeshadow colour to the outer corners of your eyes. Add eyeliner, and curl your lashes. Nothing opens up your eye like bold lashes, so add another application of mascara, or opt for false lashes if you feel like it.

The quickest way to go from a Day To Night look is to apply black eyeliner in the waterline of your eye. This will instantly add a little drama to the eye for your night out. Apply a dark brown or black shadow and use an angled eyeliner brush underneath bottom lashes for a soft smoky look.

Day To Night with Makeup Cases tip4- Red lipstick is the black lace bra of the beauty world an easy way for any girl to look and feel like a vixen instantly. Of course, some people find high-maintenance lipstick as style-cramping as itchy lace but that’s no reason not to rock a bold pucker. To make your lips pop without heavy lipstick, use a red stain let it dry and then apply your favourite lip gloss on top preferably on the pink side. You’ll get a sexy, multidimensional colour that lasts much longer than regular lipstick.

We hope you enjoyed the Day To Night segment that will be helpful if you are working as a Makeup Artist or just have a passion for makeup.  Join our makeup artist directory if you are a makeup artist and would like some more clients and tips.

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