New to the Makeup scene? Or have you been a Makeup Artist for a long time?

Either way these Makeup Trends that have made a comeback this season are a cool way to see how fast you can remember where you put what in your Makeup Case. Graphic Eyeliner is one of those trends to try out. Graphic Eyeliner has been gracing the runways recently and everyone is going crazy about this fairly new trend, in this post we will be giving you tips on how to pull this daringly beautiful Eye Makeup look off elegantly or as boldly as you dare.

Statement makeup isn’t for everyone but the great thing about graphic eyeliner is that you can take it as far as you want. Women looking for a more subtle shape can do a simple double flick but your face is your canvas if you want to take it further. If you have false eyelashes in your Makeup Case you can use them to add drama to the look.

First, decide on a shape before you start. You don’t want to make it up as you go along. If you can’t decide, from your Makeup Case take an eyeliner brush and an eyeshadow and draw it out to see if you like the shape. Once you know what you’re doing, you have to choose the product. If you want thin, easily controlled lines use a Gel or Cake Eyeliner. This takes practice even for our Professional Makeup artists.

There are two main roadblocks when applying graphic eyeliner: symmetry and smudging. If symmetry is a problem for you, from your Makeup Case take a tiny makeup brush and lightly sketch out the shape before you go in for a stronger line. Be sure to look straight at the mirror and you should be able to easily match your eyes. The other problem most often faced is smudging. If you’re applying eyeliner in the crease, be sure to keep your eye closed for at least a few minutes and set it with a makeup setting spray or powder.

Graphic Eyeliner is a little on the wild side but it can also help you accentuate your eyes. Ask your Makeup Artist about this look on your next consultation or for a special occasion.






White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is another one of our favourite 90’s trends that has returned: White Eyeliner on the top and bottom of the eyelids. It looks fresh and fun, especially paired with a hot pink or orange lipstick. White eyeliner is awesome for this season and it has also been one of the trends that have been seen several times on the run ways and red carpet. For this look you may use all those lip colours that you almost threw out of your Makeup Case or Makeup Kit.

Parallel Lines- Take a White Eyeliner from your Makeup Case and trace your entire eye and then draw a straight line right at the outer of your lower lid. For more skilled professional makeup artists you can use a makeup angled eyeliner brush and an Eyeshadow colour of your choice.

Soft Wing- Wing out your white eyeliner and trace the inner corner of your eye for added ‘oomph.’ If you have False Eyelashes in your Makeup Case you can use them to accentuate your eyes. Strip eyelashes or individuals will work to your desired final effect and look.

Inner Eye- Brighten up the inner corners of your eyes only. Grab your white liner from your Makeup Case and then trace an inner “V” on corner of your eyes while staying in your cosmetic comfort zone.

Triple Threat- With the white liner that you took from your Makeup Case weave it in between two shades for a triple-threat effect. White Eyeliner is not for everyone but great for a festive night out.

Wide Awake- Line your lower waterline to instantly minimize the look of any redness in your eyes.

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