Runways and editorials aren’t the only places for big, bold eyeshadow looks, life is more fun in colour so we should all go bright, at least every once in a while.

We will be giving you a few professional makeup artists’ tips on how you can capture the season’s hottest trend: bold pops of eye colour. We hope your Makeup Case is fully stocked with loads of Eye Makeup.

Full-On and High-Impact. While full on brights can be intimidating to most, there is certainly a right way to wear them. The first step is to prime your eyes for colour, with the smudge-proof primer of your choice. For this look you will need to have your bright shades on the top of your Makeup Case as you will be using them the most, using your eyeshadow makeup brush, start applying eyeshadow from the lash line and work your way up to the crease with the bright colour of your choice. To add balance, apply a dark, matte, complementary shade in the crease of your eye, blending with the bright shade, and finishing the look with mascara and eyeliner. Before you know it, you will have a bright eye that doesn’t look at all clownish.

Big Colour, Mild Results. For a look that is subtler than full-on, but slightly more noticeable than barely-there colour, the midway approach is the way to go. Prime the eyes, as always, and then proceed to apply your favourite eye colours as you normally would. Next from your Makeup Case select your bright colour of choice and dab it onto the centre of your lid, following up with liner and mascara. The pop of bright colour will most certainly be there, but only visible when you close your eye. All in all, this is a very wearable way to rock a brighter shade.

Just a Sweep Will Do. For those Makeup Artists or clients who are truly afraid of colour, a pop of vibrant shadow on the inner tear duct, or even beneath the lower lash line, is all the brightness you need. Just be sure to steer clear of warm shades with red, yellow, pink, or orange in them. Putting those shades close to the eyes can make them appear irritated. A flash of vivid colour in the right place adds a subtle glow that is super appealing.

Enjoy recreating these looks and be sure to share your work of art with us!

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